One Workbook

One Workbook is an IPad only App that allows the users to create and manage the following:
- digital notebooks with different types of paper (lined paper, lined paper with margin, white paper, square paper) for courseworks
- digital sketch books
- digital journal
- digital coloring books
- notebook for New Year's resolutions

Create a new notebook by selecting a notebook template and give it a name. You can search the keyword such as "coloring", "notebook", "kids" to find the right template quickly. You can preview the template to see what kind of papers are included in each template. You can create a notebook and give it a name. The name can also be searched for quicker access later.

After you created the notebook, it shows there is only 1 page in the notebook. Swipe left from the right edge to add more pages. (Except that the coloring books show all 20 pages)

You can use fingers or Apple Pencil to write or draw. If an Apple Pencil is detected, then only Apple Pencil is allowed to write or draw to avoid accidents by your hand palm. You can enable fingers again using the menu button.

You can change the paper of the page anytime by using the menu button. You can load a paper/photo from your photo library. You can revert to blank paper or revert to the last saved version anytime. Your work is automatically saved when you change pages, leave the app or go back to the list of notebooks. However, you can also save the work as you go by using the menu button. You can share a specific page or delete a page. You can choose the size and color of the brush or simply use the presets: pen, coloring pen, highlighter. You can swipe left or right from the edges to go to the previous and the next pages, and go to the first and last page using the menu buttons respectively. If you are not sure about a menu button, you can scroll and click the help button which is located at the right end of the menu.

You can edit the name of a notebook or delete a notebook altogether in the main page by clicking "..." which is located under each notebook.

All of your work will be store in "Documents/OneWorkbook/" as PNG files. For best result, please do not change these files outside of this App.

(The app works best with Apple Pencil.)

You can contact me on Facebook at if you have any suggestion.

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